Zain Mlink facts

  • Zayn Malik is a member in the popular British Band One Direction.

  • His middle name is Javadd.

  • He was born on 12th January 1993.

  • His star sign is Capricorn.

  • He was born in Saint Luke's hospital in Bradford, England.

  • Zayn's name is originally spelt 'Zain', however he prefers 'Zayn'.

  • 'Zayn' means 'Beautiful' in Arabic.

  • Zayn is a Muslim.

  • His shoe size is 8˝.

  • Zayn first appeared on X-Factor as a solo artist.

  • Zayn has his left ear pierced.

  • His father is from Pakistan.

  • He has light brown eyes.

  • Zayn has one older sister and two younger sisters.

  • He prefers his iPhone 4 to his BlackBerry.

  • Zayn suffers from Acrophobia, which is the fear of heights.

  • Before X-Factor, Zayn had never been on a plane.

  • Zayn's X-Factor serial number is #165616.

  • He can play the triangle.

  • He has a pet dog called Boris and two cats called Rolo and Tom.

  • He likes intelligent girls.

  • Zayn is a smoker.

  • One of his hobbies is drawing.

  • He can't swim.

  • His favourite Pokémon is Oshawott.

  • If you meet him and give him your Twitter name, he will follow you.

  • He ripped his boxers once, and a fan told him.

  • Zayn held Harry's hand when Harry his first tattoo.

  • He is scared of the dark!

  • Zayn didn't have a passport before he was on X-Factor.

  • He says he wants to get married before he reaches the age of thirty.

  • His favourite shark is a hammerhead!

  • He always brushes his teeth before going on stage.

  • His official Twitter profile is @ZaynMalik.


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