Naill Horan Facts


Niall Horan Facts
    1. Niall's middle name is James.

    1. Niall is the only member of One Direction who was not born in the England. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland.

    1. His birthday is 13th September 1993. 
      (Thanks to Liddlebabiqurl for correcting this!)

    1. His father is called Bobby, his mother is called Maura.

    1. He has one brother called Greg.

    1. Niall Skypes his family and close friends from their tour bus.

    1. He has blue eyes.

    1. Before they named the band One Direction, Niall suggested they should be 'Niall and the Potatoes'.

    1. He believes in no sex before marriage.

    1. His star sign is Virgo.

    1. Niall's microphone has the colours of the Irish flag stuck to the bottom of it.

    1. The only book Niall has ever read is 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

    1. Niall plays the guitar.

    1. His guitar was the best Christmas present he ever received.

    1. Niall cannot play the piano.

    1. He likes girls with brown eyes.

    1. Niall didn't take his T-shirt off in the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video because he does not think he is slim enough.

    1. Niall feels awkward talking about his body.

    1. His favourite subject in school was geography.

    1. Niall didn't do his school exams.

    1. He never went to his school prom.

    1. On the X-Factor, Katy Perry told Niall not to let her down. The day their album came out in the U.S. she tweeted Niall saying "Congratulations, you didn't let me down".

    1. Niall had two fish called Tom and Jerry, but they both died because he over fed them!

    1. He is left handed.

    1. He talks in his sleep.

    1. Niall sings in the shower.

    1. He likes to swear a lot, which is why he is normally quiet in interviews.

    1. Niall waxed his legs for charity, but said he wouldn't do it again as it was too painful.

    1. Niall admits to masturbating on the tour bus. He describes it as 'relieving tour bus boredom'.

    1. Niall is a 'Belieber'.

    1. He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter.

    1. His favourite animals are giraffes.

    1. He has Claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces.

    1. His hair is naturally brown.

  1. His Twitter profile is @NiallOfficial.

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